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Many thanks to 3Alpha

June 11 2009 by Marc Funaro

A quick blog note -- I recently had a great experience with a company called 3Alpha.? They turned around a very quick data entry job for me, in an incredibly fast period of time, with a high degree of accuracy.? My conversations with Herat, while brief and not very much in-depth, were pleasant and helpful.

While I cannot speak for this company with regards to larger data entry jobs because my experience was only a small one, I can tell you that if you have any significant amount of data entry to be done, I'd give these folks a try.

Oh, and if I'm going to take any heat for "outsourcing to India", keep this in mind -- these folks were available during OUR business hours, promised a turnaround in hours rather than days, and gave us an incredibly reasonable quote -- one that was directly in line for the type of work that was done.? The same cannot be said for the 3 or 4 other U.S. based companies I tried to do business with.? Some were just outrageous, if they even bothered to answer the phone at all.

A link to their website:




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